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Raggedy Sunflowers for Fall Decorating

July 17, 2020

Dig out your fall fabric scraps to make raggedy sunflower blossoms for fall decor.

As we get closer to fall my to-do list turns to crafts that will sell at fall craft shows. Even though I also sell my crafts at a local store, I am hoping the COVID-19 restrictions won’t end up cancelling the craft shows. Just in case they don’t, I need to make things now to be ready. These raggedy sunflower blossoms are my newest design.

I have found similar tutorials all over Pinterest, but I am not a big fan of tea/coffee staining stuffed fabric items to give them a primitive look. Mine always turn out messy looking and the fabric has a weird feel I don’t care for. This sunflower project requires no dying and all the primitive raggedy-ness is created by raw fabric edges and a washer and dryer.

Things You Need:

Yellow, gold, and black cotton fabric scraps
Circle patterns
Sewing machine, scissors, pencil and straight pins
Black thread
Washer and dryer
Faux fall leaves and berries
Glue gun

Construct the Sunflower

Step 1:
Cut (4) 10 1/2″ circles from assorted yellow and gold cotton fabrics and (1) 6 1/4″ circle from black cotton fabric. Note: Don’t sweat it if you don’t have patterns for these exact size circles. A standard dinner plate and a dessert saucer will work just fine.

Step 2:
Stack the yellow and gold fabrics together with the right sides facing up. Center the black circle on the yellow stack with the right side facing up. Pin all the layers together.

Step 3:
Using black thread, sew the black circle to the yellow stack 1/4″ from the edge. Leave a 2-3″ opening.

Step 4:
Stuff the flower center through the opening on the black circle. Don’t go nuts. Keep the flower center soft.

Step 5:
Using the black thread, sew the opening closed. Continue around the entire circle a second time. The imperfect sewing line will give the flower primitive character.

Create the Raggedy Petals

Step 6:
Snip 1″ wide petals from the outer edge of the yellow stack to the edge of the black center. No need to measure exactly. Just eye-ball it.

Step 7:
Wash and dry the sunflower to give the cut fabrics a raggedy edge. Note: Washing and drying the sunflowers in a mesh laundry bag is recommended to prevent a mess in both machines.

Decorate the Blossom

Step 8:
Decorate the sunflower blossom using faux fall leaves, a raffia bow and pip berries.

Now, just like potato chips, I can’t stop at just one.

Enjoy! And Happy Fall!

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