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Primitive Pumpkin Bed Spring

July 23, 2020

Usher in the cool days of fall with a primitive pumpkin bed spring craft. Yes, I realize it is July, but as a crafter who sells her crafts, it is never too early to begin making seasonal items.

Bed springs have always been a favorite “junk” find of mine. I have made a variety of projects with them, mainly using the springs as pedestals. If you don’t have a supply of bed springs, ask friends and family to keep you in mind if they are getting rid of an old box spring. Box springs are not the easiest to take apart, but they yield lots and lots of bed springs.

Bookmark or pin this craft for easy reference when you get your supply of springs.

Things You Need:

Bed spring
3″ foam ball
Wooden skewer
White tissue paper
Mod Podge
Orange craft paint
Cinnamon stick
Spanish moss
Craft glue
Hot glue gun
2 silk fall leaves-1 full size and 1 medium size
3-4 faux berries

Make the Pumpkin

Step 1:
Put a 3″ foam ball on your work surface. Place the palm of your hand over the top of it and press down. Press hard to flatten the top and bottom.

Step 2:
Poke a pencil 1/2″ into the center of one flattened side and remove. This is the top of your pumpkin. Using the side of a wooden skewer, indent the pumpkin spines from the top-center to the bottom-center by rocking and pressing the skewer around the sides. Make six sections. The foam ball will resemble a peeled orange.

Step 3:
Tear small bits of white tissue paper. Insert the skewer into the bottom of the pumpkin to use as a handle. Apply Mod Podge and the tissue paper to the surface of the pumpkin. Use your brush to press the paper into the spines. After the pumpkin has been completely covered. Stand the skewer in a cup and allow the Mod Podge to dry.

Step 4:
Paint the pumpkin using orange craft paint. Stand the skewer in a cup and allow the paint to dry.

Add the Stem

Step 5:
Remove the skewer. Break a 2″ section from a cinnamon stick. Fill the hole in the top of the pumpkin with craft glue and insert the 2″ cinnamon stick.

Create a Nest

Step 6:
Form a small nest with a bit of Spanish moss. Apply craft glue and hot glue to the bottom of the pumpkin. Set the pumpkin in the moss. Note: The hot glue will provide an immediate hold, while the craft glue will become more permanent when dry.

Step 7:
Apply both craft glue and hot glue to the top ring of the bed spring. Place the nested pumpkin on top of the spring.

Embellish the Pumpkin Bed Spring

Step 8:
Layer the two silk leaves on top of each other, hot gluing together. Hot glue 3-4 faux berries in the center of the leaves.

Make another nest of Spanish moss. Choose which side of the spring will be the front. Position the moss inside the spring at the center front. Apply hot glue and craft glue to the moss. Place the leaves over the moss on the outside of the spring.

Step 9:
Wrap a couple of strands of raffia around the bottom of the pumpkin and tie in a knot. Trim as desired.

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