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Stick American Flag-DIY

June 26, 2020

Are you hoarding red and white ticking in your stash for Christmas crafts? Well break it out now for these quick and easy stick American flags.

I was pleasantly surprised when I made up a batch of these flags for the local store where I sell my crafts. They sold right away and I had to make more. Hunting down ticking fabric was not easy during a pandemic. The store shelves were empty from everyone making masks. I did finally find some, so all was good.

Since I kinda made these flags as a fluke, I didn’t take pics of every step. Even when I made them again I forgot to take pics at the beginning. I know, I know. What was I thinking? Unfortunately I’ve had quite a few projects like that recently.

Well, at least I grabbed my cell phone before I finished that second batch. I’m pretty sure you will be able to get the idea from the ones I did take and edit. 😉

Things You Need:

Red and white ticking fabric (small amount)
Blue fabric (small amount)
Muslin (small amount)
Sticks from yard
Sewing machine
White thread
Measuring tape
Pruners or jig saw

What To Do:

Step 1: I’ve wanted to make flags from ticking for a long time. The stripes just scream “FLAG”. I decided on the size rectangle I wanted and ripped the fabric. I really loved the frayed edges. My rectangle was 4 1/2″ x 6″. Note: Keep in mind the stripes need to run the long length of the rectangle.

Step 2: The blue field was also ripped into a rectangle. It’s measurements were 2″ x 2 1/2″. Note: Just like the flag, the blue field will lay with the long edge running horizontal.

Step 3: I said this project was easy and this step is no different. I basically sewed the blue field to the flag and stitched a star. Easy peasy! I used white thread and set my machine to a long stitch. The blue field was stitched around all four sides. The star is one of those stars like teachers draw on the top of really good papers. 🙂 I thought I would have to trace them on the fabric before stitching, but it was honestly easier to freely do it as if I was putting pen to paper.

Step 4: That’s pretty much it for the flag part. Time to head out to the backyard to gather sticks for my flag pole. I chose sticks that were slightly thicker than a pencil. You can use pruners, a jig saw, or simply break your stick to the length you want. My sticks were all cut to about 13″.

Step 5: Back in the house I attached my old glories to the sticks. I poked a hole in the top and bottom of the flag on the left-hand edge. I threaded ripped 1/2″ muslin strips through the holes…

…and tied them to the stick. After trimming the ends I was ready to proudly fly my flag.


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