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Scrap Wood Patriotic Tags-DIY

June 23, 2020

If your scrap wood pile is getting out of control and Independence Day is right around the corner, DIY a set of scrap wood patriotic tags.

Yes, I’ll admit I hoard my scraps. I have a hard time throwing away even the tiniest pieces because I think I may need it for something else. My husband usually rolls his eyes and sighs (and I’m pretty sure he tosses a few when I’m not looking), but he is my biggest cheerleader when I end up making something cool from my scraps.

These tags were made from scraps that were already 4″ wide, but you could alter the tag pattern to fit the width or cut your board to fit the pattern. Don’t sweat it.

Things You Need:

Scrap wood
Chop saw or jig saw
Drill and 1/4″ bit
6 ply jute-2 yards
Red, white and blue acrylic paint
Paintbrush and stencil brush
Star stencil-3 1/2″
Painter’s tape-1″ wide
Card stock, ruler, pencil, scissors

What To Do:

Step 1: Trace a 4″ x 7 1/4″ rectangle on card stock and cut out. On one short edge, measure in 1 1/4″ from each corner and mark on the short edge. From those same corners, measure down 1 1/4″ on each long edge and mark. Using a ruler, draw a line from the top-left mark to the mark on the left side. Repeat on the right side. Cut along the drawn lines. This is your tag pattern.

Step 2: Place the pattern on scrap wood and trace. Cut out the shape using a chop saw or jig saw. Trace and cut a total of three tags.

Step 3: Using a 1/4″ drill bit, drill a hole centered at the top of the tags, 1/2″ below the edge.

Step 4: Choose which side of the tags will be the front. Using acrylic paint, paint the front of two tags white and the front of the remaining tag blue.

Step 5: Center a 3 1/2″ star stencil on the blue tag. Stencil the star white. Lightly sand the front edges of the tag.

Step 6: Center and apply a strip of painter’s tape from the top edge of each white tag to the bottom. Paint red over the white paint on each side of the tape. Remove the tape.

Step 7: Lightly sand the front edges of the tags.

Step 8: Cut three, 24″ lengths of 6 ply jute for the tag hangers. Thread one length of jute through the hole in a tag. Bring the ends together. Tie an overhand knot right above the top edge of the tag. Tie another overhand knot where the jute ends were brought together. Repeat with the remaining two tags.

Step 9: Rip a 1″ wide scrap strip of patriotic fabric. Hold the tag hangers together and tie with the fabric scrap.

That’s it! Simple!


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