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Patriotic Flag Wall Decor From Recycled Bottle Caps

June 18, 2020

I can’t decide if this would be classified as a recycling craft or junk crafting. Either way, it was way cool to make. This patriotic flag made from bottle caps was a fun project, mainly because it was simple and turned into wonderful wall decor for my home.

I do feel I need to clarify something. No, I did not drink all the bottles these caps came from! I saved these for years and even then, I didn’t drink all that beer…just a couple. 😉

Preparing the Frame

I started with a frame big enough for the flag I was envisioning. It was a 16″ x 20″. I cut laths to fit inside the opening of the frame and attached them with wood glue and staples on the back. I used the lath from an old lattice trellis.

Preparing the Bottle Caps

To determine exactly how many bottle caps I needed for my flag, I arranged them inside the border of my frame. I had just enough room for 13 stripes (rows). I then added as many as would fit going the other way on my frame. That was 16. All total, I needed 208 bottle caps.

After I figured out how big my blue field would be, I was able to count how many bottle caps of each color I would need.

They were then separated into flats and spray painted red, white and blue.

Attaching the Bottle Caps

Before attaching the bottle caps, it was important to arrange them on the laths so that I knew the flag was evenly positioned between the sides of the frame. Be nice! If mine doesn’t look perfectly even, I don’t want to hear it.

Then I faced the dilemma of how to attach them. I used a combination of hot glue and E6000. The hot glue provided an instant hold, while the E6000 created a permanent hold when it dried.

This project used a lot of both glues. To fill up excess space inside each cap, I first glued little wooden disks inside each cap. The caps were filled the rest of the way with hot glue and E6000 then attached.

To stop the continuous shift, I first glued all the bottle caps around the flag’s outside border. That way, when lifting each cap in the center of the flag, they had no place to go.

A Couple Tips

⦁ If you are lucky enough to acquire bottle caps in the colors needed, you will not need to paint them. I think the fun graphics would look really cool.
⦁ Unless you have been saving bottle caps for a long period of time, you probably won’t have the number needed. Rather than suggest you get to drinking, ask friends, family, local restaurants and bars, or VFW and American Legion posts to save their bottle caps for you.
⦁ When working with hot glue, keep a bowl of ice water nearby. If you get glue on your fingers, quickly plunge them into the bowl to stop the burn.


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