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Easter Basket Stay-At-Home Projects

April 9, 2020

I’ve been having a bit of trouble getting motivated the last few weeks. With fears of COVID-19 and the stay-at-home orders you would think all this free time would result in an abundance of completed projects, but my head and heart have not been into it.

Small quick projects are the only things I have been able to craft to completion. Which is a good thing with Easter just days away. Even though I can’t go to the store, church or have a big family dinner, I refuse to let this situation ruin Easter.

If you need a little faith or Christian motivation, you may enjoy reading How The Virus Stole Easter on This Side of Heaven Blog. Her nod to Dr. Seuss is just one of the reasons this poem is such a fabulous read.

In keeping with my resolve, I have decorated for Easter. My husband and I will “attend” online Easter services and still have an intimate (just the two of us) Easter dinner. Unfortunately only one of my kids lives close by, but if the stay-at-home orders are to work, celebrating in person is not possible this year. I still managed to create “baskets”, but will only be able to share with my local son and family…for now. I will save the others and share at a later date when it is safe to do so.

Since I couldn’t go out to the stores to shop for Easter I did a bit of Pinterest surfing to come up with basket fillers with supplies I already had available and could be created quickly. Don’t worry, even though I didn’t take step photos or write instructions, I’m providing a little link love to the blogs that gave me these great ideas. Just click the project titles to take you to the original blog’s post.

Sweater Bunny From a Rectangle

This bunny was inspired by the Free Crochet Bunny Pattern for Beginners at Make and Do Crew. I say inspired, because I did make some changes. Even though I know how to crochet, I didn’t have the yarn needed or the time to crochet the size bunny I wanted.

Since the entire bunny is made from a rectangle, I upcycled an old sweater. I simply cut large rectangles from the sweater and formed the bunnies using the instructions for the crochet bunny. Easy Peasy! I made two in an afternoon.

Slate Cheese Board

I have to admit I was super excited to try this slate cheese board tray from 100 Things 2 Do. I was gifted with a pallet of old roofing slates a couple of years ago and have been looking for projects besides signs.

I pretty much followed the instructions exactly…except for the handles. My handles (and I suppose most handles) have rather long screws to account for the thickness of the cupboards or drawers they are attached to. Since slate is thin, the screws needed to be shorter…or did they? Nope. I added wood bead spacers. I actually like them better that way.

Dollar Tree Bunny Makeover

To be honest, this one was only possible because I had purchased these bunnies before the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders. I belong to a DT crafting group on Facebook and found many ideas for transforming these tinseled hares.

Most were wrapped with that rope-like yarn that is so popular now, but I didn’t think ahead in time to buy some of that. I did a bit more surfing and came across Rustic Bunny-Dollar Tree DIY at Blessings By Me.

I believe her bunnies may be smaller than mine judging by her hand in the photos and the fact she got three connected bunnies for the same price as the one I bought. I didn’t see three connected like that. Also, I did make a few changes. I used old jeans. I covered the front, wrapped to the back and hot glued in place.

I then cut a shape the exact size as the bunny and glued it to the back. I added a jute hanger between the ears before gluing the back in place. Lastly, I glued thick jute around the head, added a burlap bow and a sunflower.

Quickie Easter Crochet

One Dog Woof provided the Easter Egg Bunny Hat Free Crochet Pattern and Amigurumi To Go shared the Small Crochet Carrot Pattern

Spring Runners

The last projects were the table runners. These were all me and are pretty self-explanatory. I used scrap fabric and batting from my stash.

I didn’t have baskets or Easter grass so I used some extra storage cubes I had and stuffed them with old tissue sewing patterns. I also made no-bake cookies and white chocolate peanut bark.

Happy Easter!

Stay safe and wash your hands.

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