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Easter Signs With Scrap Wood-Easter Decor Inspiration #8

March 31, 2020

Add a little “farmhouse” to your Easter decor with simple Easter signs made with scrap wood.

This is not the first time I’ve made scrap wood signs. As a matter of fact, many themes, seasons and holiday have popped up in my craft room at one time or another. They are a great way to use up even the scrappiest scraps I have and my customers seem to really like them.

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My Scrap Wood Signs From The Past

Scrap Wood Christmas Signs
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Stenciled Signs for Fall

Easter Signs With Scrap Wood

While going shopping is not an option for most of us during the COVID-19 pandemic, this project can be achieved with whatever you have available.

For this batch of signs I used scrap boards I saved from an old dresser demolition. You could use old picture frames with glass or backing, sturdy gift boxes, trays, old cookie sheets, pie tins…even pieces of cardboard. Experiment and use what you have.

After cutting word stencils on my Silhouette, I measure the length of each one and write the size in the corner. This makes it easy to immediately know what length board I need for each word. You could also use your printer to create your stencil. Print on cardstock and use small scissors or a craft knife to cut out the letters. Refer to the links above of previous signs for info on bridges to hold inside of letters in place.


I dry brushed white over the front of each board.

To keep with the “farmhouse” look, I chose to paint my signs white with black lettering so they could also be used as everyday decor. Choose colors you have available and appeals to you.


Hangers were made by drilling holes, adding rusty baling wire and a bit of raffia. String, twine, jute, yarn, or a ripped fabric strip are all options for using what you got. Depending on what you found to use as your “board”, you may decide a hanger is not needed.


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