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Cutter Quilt Tube Pumpkins-Tutorial

September 16, 2017

As many of you know, I will make tube pumpkins out of pretty much anything.

Quilt Pumpkins In Process

As I was going through some old cutter quilt scraps I realized some of the bits weren’t good enough for some of the stuff I do, but since I never throw anything away I thought I would try making them into pumpkins.


You can find my original tutorial on how to make them here.


I have used “normal” fabric, but I’ve also used chenille bedspreads…

Blue Jeans

And old jean legs.

Cutter Quilts

These new pumpkins worked up pretty fast and I really liked the imperfections of the worn quilts.


More Pumpkin Inspiration:




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    1. Yay, Linda! I hope you enjoy making them. I’ve become a little obsessed with making them and trying new fabrics for them.

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