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Restyled Chairs Turned Stools

Restyled French Country Stools These are the chairs that Youngest Son got rid of when we finished transforming the chairs I posted a while back. He was going to toss them, but I couldn’t let that happen. An idea was taking shape in my head. They needed a bit of help. The problems are pretty […]

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Painting | Trash to Treasure | Valentine's Day

Scrap Wood Heart

Scrap Wood Heart What a beautiful day! I’ve been itching to get outside and work with my wood and today was the perfect day. My wood is fairly organized since our move, it just isn’t in the place I want it to be. I probably should have worked on moving it today, but since it’s […]

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Painting | Trash to Treasure

Dresser to Bench (and BIG news)

Dresser to Bench This dresser has a lot of nostalgia attached to it. It belonged to my parents for as long as I can remember. It held Daddy’s treasures from his Navy cruises and Mama’s jewelry, plus other things that my siblings and I probably were not supposed to see.   Years after us kids […]

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