The Itsy-Bitsy Bathroom

As I mentioned before, the home I am living in now is small. Figuring out how to organize and decorate is a challenge, but I am determined to make it work and give it my personality. First up…the bathroom. Yep, there is only one in this house. Making that work with four people isn’t the […]

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Finished the Barn

Finished The Barn Oh, yes I did! Let me refresh your memory to where I began. It was a bit overwhelming, but since I posted the pics here, it served as a personal accountability to gitter done. I worked days and days that were hot and humid, plus days and days that were rainy, hot […]

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Restyled Drawer Home Accent

My living room has turned into my craft room. Actually, my family thinks it always has been, but that’s beside the point. 😉 Restyled Drawer Transform an orphaned drawer into a pretty box for decorating, organization, or both. This old drawer came from The House. It was pretty yucky, but it just goes to show […]

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