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  1. Just wanted to tell you that I saw the Recycled necktie pincushion in “Sew-It…Today” magazine. Have looked thru your portfolio and bio. Love your work.

  2. Loved the quilting ideas in projects. Wanted to tell you a funny about different trys my aunt made at Santa’s. She bought quilts at thrift stores and even the 10.00 ones at flea mrkts that weren’t perfect. Then to make them vintage she tea died them. The Santa’s had just a large muslin cone bottom. No feet and she wanted to fill em so they stood up like a door stop. She got an idea to use dried corn but she bought it at a large grain store and bought POPCORN. She made about 15 to 20 bodies that she then made the heads and embleished with long robes made out of the quilts. Then further embleishment and they were beautiful. Well she finished them and had them in storage for the summer to go to a show that she worked on all year. Two weeks before the show she took them out of storage and was greated with BLOWN UP Santa’s. The corn had popped durning the hot summer and the muslin was tea dyed and old and had burst. Of course at that time she was crying but thru the years the tears have turned to laughs. She even gave presents one year of popped corn and torn muslin with a note ” Its the moments that you remember.” Every time I see something about keep trying thru mistakes, I start grinning. Oh and just as an update she finally used rice and did not put things in storage.
    “Remember the moments” …….A fellow crafter Pam.

    1. Oh that is too funny! Definitely sounds like something that would happen to me. Love the Christmas gift idea afterward. Shows she had a healthy sense of humor about the whole thing.

  3. Thank you. We all need to remember the moments and smile besides it will make someone wonder what you are up too!

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