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Denim Cube Footstool-Restyled

June 19, 2020

A tiny bit of recycled denim and a whole lot of staples restyled this pitiful cube footstool into a western denim accent.

This little cube footstool was a junk find a few years ago. It was dirty, the cover and bottom dust cover were both torn and it was missing a foot. I got it for practically nothing, so I wasn’t sure why my husband looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

Preparing the Footstool

After I removed the rest of the feet and the worn out cover, I was pleasantly surprised to see the cushion was in really good shape. It wasn’t even dirty, which is kinda unheard of with most of my upholstering restyles. It did not need replaced.

Upholstering the Footstool

I cut up some old jeans and started the reupholstering by covering the top.

I then cut and sewed a long length of denim to wrap around the sides of the footstool. This is where things went a bit south for me. I was refilling my staple gun and I needed to break a bar of staples. My first mistake was doing it left-handed. I am right-handed. The second mistake was holding the bar with the open (sharp) side up. As I broke it, I sliced through the tip of my finger. I never knew there was that much blood in a finger. Sheesh! I was home alone so getting it cleaned up and getting a band-aid on it was quite a trick. It just would not stop bleeding. I finally got the band-aid on and cleaned up afterward. I probably needed stitches, but that’s not how I roll. Typing is a bit of a trick, but at least it wasn’t my right hand.

The long denim strip was stapled around the sides of the footstool. It looked pretty good, but there were all those raw edges and staples. Not pretty at all.

Covering the Ugly

I cut the seams from old jeans…

…then tacked them over the raw edges at the top of the sides and two vertical seams on each corner.

A denim dust cover from the old jeans was stapled to the bottom…

…And I added four knobs for the feet.


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