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Scrap Fabric Twine DIY

March 3, 2020

Don’t throw those bits and snips of leftover fabric scraps! Make your own scrap fabric twine instead!

If you’re anything like me, you already have a box or two (or ten) filled with those fabric scraps you just couldn’t bring yourself to dispose of. After all, they might be just the right thing for a future project. Well, that future project is here. scrap fabric twine.

This is such a fun project and after you get the hang of it, it practically makes itself. I have finished yards and yards while watching television or in the car during road trips. The only tool you really need (other than your hands) is a pair of scissors. And, if you prepare your strips ahead of time, you don’t even need the scissors when you actually make the twine.

While this project is super simple, I have added several photos to explain the steps. The main reason for multiple pics is because this is a “hands-on” project and taking photos was pretty much impossible with one hand. I tried to set up each shot in a way that coincided with the explanation given. If you have any problems, please let me know in the comments below.

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This post was originally posted last year.

Things You Will Need:

Fabric scraps
Ruler (optional)

What To Do:

Step 1:
Cut your fabric strips into strips. They can be any workable length (up to a yard or two), But I suggest a 1/2″ to 1″ width.

Step 2:
Cut a 1/2″ slit on each end of the strips. I found the easiest way to do this quickly was to fold the ends over and cut through the folds. Don’t cut too close to the end or it may rip out when connecting the strips.

Step 3:
Hold two strips together and tie together in a knot on one end. Note: To keep your work manageable, you do not want lengths longer than approximately six feet and you do not want both strips to be the same length.

Step 4:
As you make your twine you will add more strips. Place one end of a strip over the end of another strip. Bring the other end of the top strip under the two layers. Insert the end up through both slits of the overlap.

Step 5:
Pull the end all the way through and carefully pull tight to lock the connection.

Step 6:
Form the twine. Hold two prepared strips together. Tie a knot at the top.

Step 7:
See photo for hand/finger placement.

Note: The knot (not seen in the photo) is at the top. Twist the right-hand strand 3-4 times to the right. Think “righty-tighty”.

Step 8:
Cross the right-hand strand over the left. You now have new right and left strands.

Step 9:
Repeat Steps 7 and 8. Your twine will grow before your eyes. Continue until your twine is as long as you want. Knot the ends together to prevent unraveling. When using your scrap fabric twine, simply cut off how much you need. Knot the ends of the cut off twine and re-knot the end of the remaining twine.

Step 10:
Wrap your twine on spools or cardboard to prevent tangles.

I have used antique textile spools…

…and I have also made my own. This one was made from two wood slices from a branch and a dowel scrap. I simply screwed the three pieces together.


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Inspiration for using your scrap fabric twine:

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