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Easter Decor Inspiration #6-Cork Bunny Ornament

March 20, 2020

As with all of us, you and your kids are probably scared, nervous and wondering what else is going to change or be cancelled because of COVID-19. While I can’t answer what will change, I do know Easter will not be cancelled, although it may be celebrated a bit differently this year. This is a quick little project that may help (for a little while) quiet the fears you and your littles are experiencing while preparing for this special holiday.

Another ornament for the Easter tree. Never one to throw out good junk, I knew my stash of corks had potential. Actually, I’ve made other things with them, but with Easter season upon us I saw bunnies.

The corks I used were “rubber”, but any wine cork should work.


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This post was originally posted last year.

Cork Bunny Ornament


Paint the entire surface of the cork (including top and bottom) with white craft paint. I preferred one coat with the cork shadowing through, but if you don’t like that look, allow it to dry and apply a second coat. Tip: To paint without messy fingers, poke the cork screw hole with a wooden skewer. Set it in a jar to dry.


Ears: Cut (2) 5″ pieces from a chenille stem. Bring the ends together while shaping the ring into a teardrop. Twist the ends together. Turn the cork with the cork screw hole on the bottom. Using a small drill bit, drill two holes spaced approximately 1/4″ apart on top of the cork. Apply dots of craft glue over the holes and insert the twisted ends of each ear into the holes.

Using the photo as a guide, paint the face.


*Cheeks: Lightly dab the cheeks using the corner of a sponge and pink paint.
*Nose: Dip the blunt end of a wooden skewer in pink paint. Make two dots in the center of the face. Using the pointed end of the skewer, drag the dots into a heart shape.
*Eyes: Dip the blunt end in black paint and dot two eyes.
*Eyebrows and Whiskers: Dip the pointed end of the skewer in black paint. Lightly dash the eyebrow and whisker marks.
*Mouth: Using a Paint marker, Sharpee or the pointed end of the skewer dipped in black paint, draw the mouth.


Attach a small bow below the face using craft glue.


Tie floss around a small finishing nail and tie the floss into a hanging loop. Insert the nail into the cork between the ears. Apply a dot of glue under the head before completely pushing into the cork.

Substitution ideas for the face.

*Glue a small pink pom pom to the center of the face for a nose.
*Use mini googly eyes instead of painting dots.
*I used a paint marker for the bunny shown and didn’t care for the mouth. I have made more since I took this picture and used the pointed end of the skewer method. You may want to play around with it on a scrap of paper before committing to the method you prefer.
*An extra fine point Sharpee can be used to draw the eyebrows, whiskers and (as suggested above) the mouth.


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