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Easter Decor Inspiration # 4-Wood Easter Porch Sign

February 29, 2020

Just like Christmas isn’t about Santa Claus and reindeer, Easter isn’t about bunnies and eggs. That’s why I wanted to add a special Wood Easter Porch Sign into my holiday decor.

Everyone meets special people in their lives and when they are gone, any number of things can spark memories. When a dear, high school friend offered me old furniture and craft items when she was preparing her mother’s house for sale, I was honored to be given the opportunity to add my special touch to things that were once so loved by these beautiful people.

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Easter Decor Inspiration # 4-Wood Easter Porch Sign


This Wood Easter Porch Sign was made using sections of their large dining table. Since her father had married my husband and me over 30 years ago, I felt it to be very important to create a sign that stressed the true meaning of Easter. It’s funny, but while repurposing and upcycling things from people I know, a photo album seems to open in my head and I start to remember all the snapshots of life we shared.

Like I said, the table was large. The top came apart in sections and I made two signs. I have enough sections left to make a couple more.

I had to start with cleaning and sanding a section. It was already pretty worn so I didn’t need to worry about getting rid of a shiny, slick finish. It just didn’t have one. The surface told a lifetime story of dinners, celebrations, love and probably quite a few art projects.

I lightly dry brushed purple over the surface and built from there.

I designed, sized and cut a stencil for “He Is Risen”.

Then I added the rustic.


Old fence boards were cut for the cross.

Burlap created the perfect rose for the rustic design, and barbed wire formed the crown.

All these parts came together seamlessly. I was extremely pleased with the final results.

What do you think?


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  1. I love the burlap rose…. neat signs! Very timely with easter coming up too. Great way to use scrap wood.

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