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Make a Silverware and Teacup Candle Stand

April 5, 2018


Recycle old forks and a teacup into a chic candle stand. My craft supplies are usually acquired secondhand, and I am always looking for ways to give them a new life. The silver forks in this project were a yard sale find. Since cleaning the tarnish off of silverware is not my thing, I designed a project that would embrace their tarnished beauty. The teacup was from a set I acquired from a friend, but had never used for anything but gathering dust.

Things You Will Need:

3 silver forks
Masking tape
Craft wire
Wire cutters
Beading wire
Assorted 6mm beads
Votive or tea light candle

Step 1
Hold a fork at the neck, just below the tines. Bend the top section backward until the fork is bent at a right angle. Repeat with the remaining two forks.

Step 2
Turn your teacup upside down and place it on your work surface. With the angled corner of one fork at the center-bottom of your teacup, rotate the tines so that they are positioned against the side of the cup. Secure the tines in place using masking tape.

Step 3
Evenly space the remaining two forks around the side of the cup in the same way. Each of your angled corners need to touch at the center bottom of the cup. If the forks do not touch, adjust the angles with more bending. Note: The handles of the forks will splay outward like a tripod.

Step 4
Cut a 10-inch length of craft wire using wire cutters. Wrap the wire around the angled corners of the three forks to connect.

Step 5
Cut a 15-inch length of beading wire using wire cutters. Wrap one end around the wrapped craft wire to secure. Thread assorted 6mm beads that coordinate with your teacup on the beading wire. Note: If using large beads, you may need to adjust the amount used. When lined up, you will want approximately 5 inches of beads. Slide the beads down to the connected end.

Step 6
Wind the beads over the wrapped wires on the forks in a spiral design.

Step 7
Wrap the free end of the wire two times around the forks, just below the beads. Insert the free end of the wire under the beads and thread it out the other side. Pull the wire all the way through and repeat. Cut the excess wire at the end with wire cutters.

Step 8
Turn the candle stand right side up and remove the masking tape. Place a votive or tea light candle in the cup.


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