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Restyled Seed Packet Crates

March 7, 2018

More restyling from my crate pile.

These two crates are the last ones from this pile that I’ll be doing. The last crate I’m gonna leave as is to use as a display in my craft booths and shows.

The crates used for this project are the bottom two in this picture. They were very similar to the last crate, but instead of a chip board body, they had slats that were covered with paper. I tried to remove the paper, but couldn’t get it off completely. The exposed slats weren’t very useful either. They were extremely thin, splitting and falling apart.

I decided to replace the slats with “new” slats made from weathered wood.

The ends were the only original pieces from the crates that I kept. Before I added the new slats the ends needed to be cleaned up and painted first. I also did a little sanding on the edges to age them a bit.

After attaching the new slats I added vintage seed packets to both ends using Mod Podge.

Lastly, I added rope handles to the top edges on each end.


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