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Jean Seam & Jean Hem Coasters-DIY

March 28, 2018

Do you ever wonder what to do with all the leftover bits and pieces when recycling a pair of blue jeans? I hate to throw anything away so I’m always experimenting. In this case, the jean seams were my guinea pigs. They were perfect for weaving coasters. Not a broken sewing needle in sight because I used glue to secure the weave.

1. From the hem to the front pocket, cut along both sides of the flat-felled seams and both legs of a pair of blue jeans.

2. Cut (14) 6″ pieces from the seams. Depending on the size of the jeans, you may need to cut more than one pair of jeans.

3. Working my coasters on a cardboard base, I wove the strips 7 x 7. Placing a straight pin in the ends of each piece kept the weave in place.

4. One-by-one I released each pin from an end that was over the weave. I lifted the end and applied craft glue between the layers and repinned. After allowing the glue to dry I flipped the coaster over and repeated the gluing/pinning process on the other side.

5. A little trimming around the edges finished them off.

I made several coasters which meant that I used a lot of jeans. Since I had several hems in need of a purpose, I also made coasters with them. The hems were wider so I only needed 12 pieces. They were woven 6 x 6.


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