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Vintage-Style Grocery Sign

February 12, 2018

Another project inspired by Fixer Upper. You may remember my Scrap Wood Clock Faces and Words of Wisdom Window Signs. That show always has such cute decor ideas. I don’t remember which episode had the Philbert Grocery sign hanging on a dining room wall, but I was able to Google the image to get a better look.

It just so happened that a friend of a friend was getting rid of some old windows. These weren’t standard windows. They were huge. Perfect for large over-sized signs.

Since they were pretty heavy, the glass was pretty old and some were cracked, I decided the glass might not be a great idea to hang on a wall. Hubby was my glass remover. I think he enjoyed it…must be a guy thing. I grew up with brothers and I have three sons. I can imagine they all would have loved breaking the glass and not getting in trouble.

Hubby also cut my boards to replace the glass.

Finally it was time to get out my favorite crafting tool. My Silhouette. My fonts aren’t exactly like the original sign, but after perusing multiple font sites I think I found some that looked awesome on my sign.

I had never made a stencil this big. I had numerous sections, but I was able to easily piece them together like a puzzle.

I usually don’t mess with the bridges on my stenciled signs, but with this one I didn’t like them. After stenciling I simply filled them in. I also waited until after I attached the board to the frame to stencil the decorative corners.

Local peeps, this sign is now available at Trunk N Treasure.


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