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Vintage Porch Spindle Snowmen

December 27, 2017

I’m not too far out of season with these vintage porch spindle snowmen. Actually, if you consider we are just getting into the snowy, snowman building time of the year, I am right on time.

These snowmen started out as a box of dirty porch spindles my husband found at a garage sale for $4. He had a feeling I could come up with a project for them. 😉

After cleaning them I gave them all a dry-brushed coat of white paint. They still looked pretty rough, but they were starting to show some character.

A little bit of paint for the faces…

And a few painted buttoned down the front brought these men to life.

The hats were made with rectangles of black felt that were tied on top and folded into a cuff on the bottom. This picture kinda sucks. Sorry about that. To get the detail of the black to show up I had to lighten up the background quite a bit. It’s kinda blinding.

Old sweaters cut into strips provided the scarves for the snowmen to finish.


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