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Restyled Western Table and Chair

June 30, 2017

I acquired these two gems in two different places, but they just seemed to go together.

The table was an auction find. I’m not sure what the finish of this table looked like when it was new because it had already gone through a makeover of sorts. I am sure it was painted by a child as the paint job had a…um…free-spirited look?

The drawer was lined (sorta) with zebra contact paper…

…and the handle looked like it just got in the way of the “artist’s” creativity.

I love projects like these. Most people would have decided the table was beyond help and would have trashed it, but I couldn’t do that. It was sturdy and had great bones. I just knew a good paint job would redeem it. I started with a cream paint. It did take quite a few coats to eliminate all traces of its previous life, but it was worth the time and effort.

After cleaning the paint and grime that was caked on the handle parts I spray painted them. This spray paint is a favorite of mine for handles, hinges or any metal hardware. I am addicted to the “oil rubbed bronze” color.

I completed the painted surface with a wax stain that transformed an “okay” paint job into a western side table.

It came out even better than I thought it would or could.

The chair came from my furniture stash I had in storage. I can’t even remember how long I have had it or where it came from, but when I cleaned out my storage unit for the last time I decided it was finally time to restyle it.

After cleaning it up and removing the seat, it got the same paint job as the table.

Then there was that awful seat. I had scraps of leather recycled from an old jacket that I had been saving for just the right project. Basically I pieced together a 9-patch block and recovered the seat. Easy peasy!

I finished the chair with the same wax stain as the table.

Both of these went to Trunk and Treasure and have already sold. Yay!


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