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DIY Shabby Chic Trunk Lid Coffee Table

April 30, 2017

DIY Shabby Chic Trunk Lid Coffee Table

I love, love, love the way this turned out!

Yep, if you read my previous post you have already seen this photo. That was a collection post of various projects I had made for an upcoming craft show. Now that the show is over I have time to show a few DIYs of those projects. I decided the shabby chic trunk lid coffee table would be first.

Many years ago I found this trunk, along with a couple of others, at an auction in Kansas. This was when we lived in Colorado. My husband was a superhero for figuring out how to strap them to the top of the car to get them home. The trunks came full circle when we moved to Kansas in 2000.

This particular trunk was the largest and the hardest to find a spot for in our home. It became the keepsake trunk. We filled it with wedding, birth, baby, school and other life memorabilia of our family. It was heavy. The best place we found for it’s resting place was in my son’s room. Yes, he was thrilled. Not. We put a television on top of it and treated it like a built in. After we sold our old house I decided it was time for a change. The memories were relocated and the trunk went into storage. After finally getting my storage units completely cleaned out (Yay, me!) I still couldn’t bring myself to get rid of the trunk…, but I had a vision. Hubby became a superhero again. I told him what I wanted and he helped me make it happen.

Try as I might, I could not find a before picture of the entire trunk so I’ll just have to jump in starting with the lid. The lid is really the only thing I needed for this project. I’ll figure out something for the bottom later. 😉

While once upon a time the lid was strong enough to hold a heavy television, I felt it needed stabilizing for a coffee table that might be holding feet or the occasional butt. We cut a thick board and attached it to the underside of the lid.

Next came another coffee table I had picked up at a yard sale. I briefly considered giving it a makeover, but the legs were the perfect style for my trunk lid coffee table. It was meant to be. We removed the top and placed the trunk lid on top. It didn’t thrill me. The size of the frame the legs were attached to was too small. I wanted the legs in the corners of the trunk lid.

No biggie. Instead of removing the legs, we decided to cut the frame apart. Keeping the legs attached to the frame pieces helped create stability.

We simply attached the legs and the frame pieces to the underside of the table with glue and screws.

After that it was just a matter of giving it a paint job. I started with a gray chalk paint and topped that with a light gray paint.

A bit of sanding completed this shabby chic restyle.


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  1. Great job and looks fantastic. Glad it turned out the way you wanted. Love that it’s different. Have always liked something different than what everybody had. Will you be selling this table or enjoying it yourself? Nice to have handy hubs.
    Been behind on reading posts so must have missed post about craft show.
    Have great week

  2. That really came out great! I love transformations like this! Thank you for sharing at Dishing It & Digging It!

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