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13 Easter Craft Tutorials and Patterns

March 9, 2017

Enjoy this baker’s dozen of fun Easter projects.

I hunted through my archives to amass this list of Easter crafts I had designed for either Restyled Junk or other online publications. What a blast-from-the-past! I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them. There are general, crochet, sewing and (of course) restyled upcycling crafts.

1. Country Easter Egg Ornies

This is a fun way to add a country western touch to your Easter decor and it camouflages a plastic egg.

2. Crochet Carrot Pocket Tutorial

Gift your Easter treats in little crochet carrot pouches. This is a quick and simple project suitable for a crochet beginner.

3. Vintage Hankie Chicks

I loved using my pretty vintage hankies for this spring decoration. Okay, this one doesn’t actually have a tutorial, but the simple shapes and the photos should give a fairly good explanation on how they are made.

4. Chenille Bunnies and Chicks

The link to this one will take you to the chick tutorial. I used a yellow chenille bedspread that practically screamed chirped “chicks”.

5. Crocheted Egg Pattern

Another egg craft for the crocheter. This one also uses a plastic egg for the inside. A great project for a television evening.

6. Crocheted Chick Tutorial

These cute little chicks represent one of my most viewed posts. They are stuffed, but they would also make cute appliques. Maybe even coasters.

7. Scrap Wood Easter Signs

Again, not a full tutorial, but the pics and explanation in the post will give you a nudge in the right direction for creating your own signs.

8. Bed Spring Bunny

I have designed a variety of bed spring characters over the years, but this bunny is one of my faves. I hope it’s one of yours too. A while chenille bedspread was used for his construction, but white felt could easily be substituted.

9. Crochet Jelly Bean Duck

Oh My Gosh! This one was so much fun! Yep, he is a pooping duck. Be prepared for lots of hoots and giggles with this one.

10. Crochet Bunny Pattern

My vision for this bunny was pure vintage. She’s cute, tiny and her arms and legs are moveable to pose as needed.

The last three tutorials need some explanation. Each of the links will ultimately take you to Craftbits, but you may be confused by the byline. While I did write these for Craftbits, and they did pay me, that is not my name on the byline. I never agreed to give up authorship so I’m not sure why they have claimed them as their work.

11. Whimsical Carrot Pillow Tutorial

What little one wouldn’t love this soft carrot pillow to lay their head on?

12. Chenille Bedspread Bunny Bag

Another chenille bedspread craft. Use it as a gift bag or a little girl’s church purse.

13. Recycled Chair Leg Easter Bunny

The ultimate restyled upcycle in this list! The before pictures are hard to believe that I could have a vision that turned out so darned adorable. I actually took it as a challenge. 😉 Hopefully your chair will be in better shape.

Whether it’s sunny or snowing in your neck of the woods, get to crafting.


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