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Restyled Bar/Wine Rack-Western

February 1, 2017

All of my furniture restyles are junk finds I have found at yard sales, auctions and thrift stores, maybe even a few hand-me-downs from family and friends. Many of them need repairs, tweaks or complete transformations. Regardless of their initial state, my favorite way to breathe new life into them is with paint.

For the most part, my painting methods are usually simple, but I always get a thrill when I complete a piece. That’s the way I felt when I finished this bar/wine rack.

It was pretty worn out when I got it, but I had a vision.

The metal was in great shape so I sanded and used a wire brush to remove a lot of the chips and flakes.

It then got a few all-over coats of cream paint. While that was a great improvement, it just didn’t quite have the look I was striving for.

That’s when I got out my wax stain and rubbed it over every inch of the rack.

Wow! From ho-hum to western charm in less than an hour.

Then to address those missing shelves. No problem. A few pieces of wood from my wood pile stash, a little sanding, a little staining and they were a perfect marriage for the rack.


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