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Woven Chair Seat

March 28, 2016

Woven Chair Seat

I picked this chair up at a local auction a couple of weeks ago. There were a lot of chairs at the sale, but there was a bunch of competition with the bidding. I prefer cheap, so I patiently waited. I finally snagged this one. I actually think the other bidders took pity on me because I wasn’t getting anything. LOL! Then again, it may have looked like too much work. 😉

The transformation began with paint. Paint can work wonders, but there was still the glaring problem of not having a seat.

I decided to make a woven seat out of fabric. Digging through my stash, pink prints just seemed to be calling to me.

What do you think?

I now have things at Trunk N Treasures in Winfield, Kansas. If you are local or visiting, come by for a look. You can also find Trunk N Treasures on Facebook.


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  1. Did you actually sit on this chair or just use it as an accent? I’m curious if the fabric stretched or held up at all for sitting on? It’s so pretty!!!!

    1. Yes, you can sit on it. The weaving of the fabric actually made it quite strong.

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