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Old Stencil Ornaments

December 15, 2015

Old Stencil Ornaments

There’s always something that needs a transformation and when I went through my stencil suitcase I realized I just didn’t use these old brown stencil templates anymore. I still like the vintage look of them, but I have newer stencils that work for actual stenciling. Not one to get rid of anything, I decided to try a little restyle.

It took me a few tries to get the look I was going for, but I think I nailed it.

The fronts were dry brushed with white paint. While the paint was still wet, they got a dusting of crystal glitter.

I “painted” the backs with glue and pressed them onto burlap scraps. When the glue dried I cut the burlap around the edges of the stencils.

A line of craft glue was added around the edges, then the glue was sprinkled with silver glitter. I left them alone for a bit to dry. Well, that’s what I told myself, but really it was because I didn’t know where to go from there.

And then it hit me by accident. A happy accident. I was working on another project and bits and pieces happened to fall on the stencils. I liked the way they looked, so I kinda went with it.

A punched hole with a ribbon hanger…

…and a bow completed the look.


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  1. I really like these! These are similar to the tags you made before. I still have my dream one right by the bed, hanging from my breadrack (I know, sounds strange–I use a breadrack in the bedroom for a dresser and nightstand–it works! It’s cute!)

    Anyway, I see it every night and every morning, to remind me to DREAM!

    Love and stuff,

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