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Restyled Doll Furniture

November 25, 2015

Restyled Doll Furniture

I’m still here! I know it has been forever since I last posted and I am truly sorry about that. Recently my best friend passed away following heart surgery. Sitting down to write anything has been extremely difficult, but here goes


My husband and I went to an auction last month and we hit the jackpot. I had a customer asking for doll furniture so these little gems had to come home with me.

Surprise, surprise. I seemed to be the only one interested in them and I got them for a song.

Everything needed repairs, but nothing major. After cleaning and sanding they got a base coat of white paint.

I distress-sanded everything, but the highchairs needed a little something, something to make them more special. I decided to dry brush with pink paint and I made a stencil of a rattle for the chair backs.

The little bags on the chairs are little totes I made that I filled with a toy baby bottle, plate and spoon.

The baby bed received more than a paint makeover. I recovered the base board with blue ticking, then made a mattress using a white chenille bedspread. Lastly, I made a pillow and doll blanket using an old vintage cutter quilt.

Check out this doll baby buggy. I haven’t done anything with it and I don’t know if I will. I’m kinda thinking I’ll keep it and use it to display crafts at shows. I think it’s adorable.


Have a great Thanksgiving!

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  1. Oh my heavens Cyndee, so darned cute. We made doll beds for our granddaughters years ago. Wonder what daughter did with those. You did such an awesome job making them like new again, any little girl would love them. That buggy is incredible, remember having one of those myself.
    Am so sorry to hear about your friend passing away So hard to lose a good friend in any way but to lose one to death so much harder. Not something you get over in little while.
    I haven’t been much in mood for anything, worrying about our grandson. His Mother is still deleting my messages to him on his Facebook page. Finally got to talk to my youngest son (grandson’s Dad) today for first time in weeks. He can only call us when his wife isn’t around. When he called us his son was having chemo again. They are trying anything they can to help him. He’s had stem cell transplant, several whopper doses of chemo but still not doing what they hoped it would. He has blood cancer in his lungs and liver mostly. He’s been so sick due to that and chemo. We haven’t seen him in over 3 yrs. and we live just few miles west of Grand junction. They’ve spent almost all this time since they found cancer again in Denver.
    i will be having right shoulder replaced on Dec. 7th. so that ought to keep my mind busy recovering and trying to live with one arm out of commission. Don’t exactly have most helpful attentive hubs but will get thru it as I did knee replacements. just 5 yrs. older this time. Side effects of hubs stroke 5 years ago are showing up more and more. He’s often very hard to be around, abusive, nasty, mean. That sounds awful but it’s way it has been for some, not always able to handle it well. I will need alot of help just living every day and know can’t count on him to provide that.
    What are you doing for Thanksgiving, will your kids all be home? Hope so and wishing you and yours a wonderful, happy Thanksgiving.

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