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Not Lucky…Blessed

June 4, 2015

Not Lucky…Blessed

I came across several different versions of this on Pinterest and just had to make my own.

I had a few horseshoes laying around and my brother just replaced his fence. He gifted me with the old wood.


After making stencils with my Cricut I was ready to rock and roll.

Quick and simple! I love these kind of projects.

After a little stenciling, I attached the shoes with E6000. To secure them really well, I drilled holes through the nail holes in the shoes and used wire to hold them in place.

A couple of sawtooth hangers on the back and these gems were done.


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  1. Hi Cyndee, think one reason they are so awesome is the simplicity. You always make things look so easy and just what they need to look like. Happy for you to get your brother’s old fence wood, I’m envious.
    Will have to see if we have any horse shoes. Hubs hung one on our little shed shortly after we bought this place. We have pile of old wood that looks like yours out in yard, hubs keeps telling me it’s no good. What does he know, keep telling him it’s perfect for what I want. Will have to go out to see what I can rustle up. Hubs says he’s not making any more pieces for me til we sell some things we have.
    Great project as always Cyndee. How is it there? Stop raining and acting more like almost Summer? Hope so, finally stopped here, last Thursday was last day for while we hope. Hubs has been out weed whacking around edges of yards and got cooler ready for summer, temps are up also. His leg/knee is doing really well, says it aches if he’s on his feet too much. It’s only been since April 28th.
    We’ve noticed a difference in how house feels now that it’s hot, think maybe the metal roof reflects heat back so doesn’t get so hot in house. What ever it is we’re sure happy. Cooler doesn’t come on til later in afternoon, we have ceiling fans running first thing when we get up. Some people don’t like how they look but they sure do help. We keep curtains, shades closed depending on where sun is beating on house more. Learned to do that years ago when we lived in Tucson.
    Have great weekend

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