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Summer Wine Glass Coasters

May 28, 2015

Summer Wine Glass Coasters

Okay, these can actually be used any time of the year, but when the weather heats up the glasses sweat badly.

Insert the foot of your wine glass inside these “cozy” little coasters and your furniture will be protected. You also don’t have to worry about tips or losing the coaster when you move it because the coaster is actually attached to the wine glass. Some of us may need that help after a glass or too. 😉

For the this project session I chose patriotic fabric for one type and Wizard of Oz fabric for two other types. My dear friend, Mary W. picked up the Wizard of Oz fabric for me several years ago when she went to a quilt show.

See, Mary, I knew I would find just the right project for this yummy fabric.

These coasters will be heading to my Etsy shop in the next day or so, but if you would like to make your own, I’m a giver. Here is my wine glass coaster tutorial.

I wrote this tutorial last year so the photos for the steps were done with different fabric than the ones I made this week.

Things You Will Need:

Light to medium weight scrap fabric-two different colors or designs
Straight pins
Wine glass

Cut five 4-inch squares from light to medium weight fabric. Leftover squares from quilt projects is ideal. You will need three of one fabric and two of another.

Fold one square in half with the right sides facing out. Iron the fold. Repeat on a matching square and two of the other fabric squares for a total of four pressed squares that are now shaped like rectangles.

Place the remaining unfolded square on your work surface with the right side facing up.

With the raw edges of the rectangles aligned with the raw edges of the square, work around the square.

Place one rectangle on each edge, turning the square one-quarter turn after the placement of each rectangle. Insert the end of the last rectangle under the end of the first.

Pin the raw edges of the rectangles to the outer edges of the square. Sew around the pinned edges using a 1/4-inch seam allowance.

Clip each of the corners to reduce bulk.

Turn the cozy coaster right side out through the opening in the center of the rectangles. Use the point of your scissors to poke out the corners. Iron the cozy flat.

Slip the foot of your wine glass into the center of the cozy.

Note: All of the wine glasses I have used had feet with a diameter of 2 1/2 inches. This may be standard, but they may also be available in other sizes. If the feet of your glasses are bigger (I can’t imagine them smaller), simply cut your squares 1 1/2 inches larger than the diameter measurement. Example: Cut 4 1/2-inch squares for a 3-inch diameter foot.

This is an inexpensive hostess gift, whether you sew your own or purchase. Check out my Etsy shop in a few days if you would rather purchase than make your own.


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  1. I have got to make some of these but first have to get room cleared out so I can get to sewing machine. I’d die for you to see my sewing room, bad girl me. Have hardly used my new sewing machine due to clutter. Don’t tell please. Been in sewing mood again lately so better get my butt in gear.
    Finally stopped raining here as of Friday, Amen. I don’t feel like doing much of anything when it’s yucky out. Still raining there? Hope not but doesn’t seem to stop you from keeping busy. My front hall will be a mess but that’s price of decluttering.
    Your coasters are so darned cute and look easy. hope so. If not I’ll have to paint some cork squares I got at Jo-Ann’s. But I will take a crack at them. How do you think up all these wonderful things you make? Another ?, what kind of metal did you use last year to make those flags?
    I’m so behind reading blog posts, just can’t seem to get going. Happy week

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