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Patriotic Funky Chicken

May 29, 2015

Patriotic Funky Chicken

Sometimes you just gotta let your funk fly.

I haven’t done anything with albums since I made my snowmen signs last year, but my pile of vinyl has been calling.

A couple coats of tan paint created the background and then a line traced horizontally across the record, just above the center formed the top of the chicken’s body.

With the area above the line masked off, I stenciled white paint to fill in the body.

Masking off lines, I was able to stencil 5 red stripes. I also painted a triangle shaped beak using a yellow/gold paint.

The wing and the tail feathers were cut from aluminum beverage cans.

To give them a texture, I rolled them through my cuttlebug before painting them.

They were attached with wire after I painted a rough brown outline around the record, along the stripes and around the beak.

I drilled a couple holes at the top for attaching a fabric hanger…

…and a couple of holes on the bottom for attaching wire chicken legs. The legs were painted yellow/gold.
A white paint pen was used for writing “Liberty”.

Lastly, I spattered the entire surface with blue and white paint.

I kinda like the way he turned out.


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  1. Girl you are so talented and have such vision to turn crazy things into something wonderful. I kinda think she’s fantastic, so durned cute. Love it, ok if I kinda copy it on round pc. of wood? Love it to pieces. Sure glad you shared this. Cute name for a chicken. Happy weekend

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