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Painted Faux Grain Sack Barrel

May 13, 2015

Painted Faux Grain Sack Barrel

I’ve had this barrel for several years, but since I no longer have a barn to keep it in, it has been in storage. I had used it to store craft supplies in, but moving it into the house in it’s original state was not happening. I like old and rustic, but the stains just didn’t appeal to me. The coffee cup puts the size into perspective.

The barrel is made of heavy cardboard, the bottom and the lid is wood and there is a metal ring around the bottom edge. I painted it all white, but it was boring. Since it was not only going to be used as storage again, but also as part of my home’s decor, it needed a little something-something.

I decided to give it a faux grain sack appearance. I masked off stripes on the top and bottom using painter’s tape.

The tape made painting nice crisp lines super easy.

But I still wasn’t done. The fleur-de-lis stencil I had used on the small end table a few weeks ago was sitting nearby.


It added just the right finish to the lid of the barrel.

I have a few more barrels of various sizes that could also be improved with this restyle. Yay!


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  1. I LOVE how you change the look of all your goodies! Very nice! Thanks for so many great ideas!

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