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Restyled Chairs Turned Stools

April 24, 2015

Restyled French Country Stools

These are the chairs that Youngest Son got rid of when we finished transforming the chairs I posted a while back. He was going to toss them, but I couldn’t let that happen. An idea was taking shape in my head.

They needed a bit of help.

The problems are pretty obvious with this one.

Not so obvious in this pic is the foot rail (left side of pic). It was broken off, not pulled out of, the front leg.

I repaired the legs and rails, and since I only wanted the bottom portion of each chair I simply cut the backs off.

The bottoms and the legs were painted black and lightly distressed with some sanding.

The tops didn’t need painting because they would be covered. I dug out these upholstery fabric choices for the seats.

A tiny bit of sewing, soft stuffing and a lot of staples later and I had a couple of comfy perches.

What do you think?


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  1. What a great idea, love them! You are very cleave, I never would of thought of that. I like the choice of fabric and the ruffle thing around it. Love the little birdhouse stand back behind, did you make it too?

  2. I think you are a genius, wowsa what am awesome save girl. Love that idea and how nice to have couple spare seats if you need them. Never throw perfectly good rejects away, there’s always something people like yourself can do with them.
    How are you doing? Is it gloriously Spring there? Hope so. It’s being quite unpredictable and rainy here at worst possible times. I’m sure the guys up on our roof (hubs and both our sons) are praying and watching those clouds that have been roaming around all day. Not too hot or too cool today so good day to put metal roof on our single wide. Glad we have single wide so it’s not too big a job. I went to thrift store and grocery store today while they were working, when I got back they had one whole side laid down and were working on screwing all panels down. Youngest son is working on screwing panels down also. Think hubs is getting pretty tired, he hasn’t had to work that hard for long time. He won’t come in to rest for few minutes. We are so blessed to have both of them helping to put roof on. Son says it’s easier with metal as don’t have to remove old shingles just put panels down on top. He did roofing when he was lot younger as one of his first jobs.
    The youngest son got here about 2:30 today and he’s been working hard along with hubs and oldest son who got here late in afternoon yesterday. We didn’t see him til this a.m. tho as he’s staying at youngest son’s house. Oldest son is terribly allergic to our short hair orange stripe kitty. Wish he could stay here but they have their son’s room for him to stay in. All we’d have would be our sleeper sofa.
    We can’t go to youngest son’s house as dil doesn’t like me at all since she found out I knew about her cheating on son few years ago. She sent me really awful letters on Facebook telling me what an awful Mother I was (among several other very hurtful things she did). I didn’t cheat on hubs and leave kids without food/money or for them not to find me, but that doesn’t count. She told me it was none of my business what goes on between her and my son. It was just all over town and even town next to us. When grandson had cancer we weren’t allowed to see him. I heard about DIL from people son worked with here in Grand Junction, they had deli close to where I worked. She was messing with guy she worked with all summer.
    Son was going to divorce her but then they found out about their son having cancer. He had testicular cancer plus cancer all thru his body, he turned 14 right after they found out .He had stage 4 cancer – had to lose testicle had 2 tumors in his neck taken out and 5 lbs. of tumors in his abdominal cavity. He had 12 hour surgery for that one at Childrens hospital in Denver.
    Has been awful hurtful situation. She likes to tell me how awful I was, doesn’t matter that I hadn’t had any help with it then. Depression and anxiety that I suffer from are actual brain diseases and part of problem was caused by lack of thyroid, mine didn’t work at all when I was born. When my kids were little people/docs didn’t know about depression. Now I see it all the time in magazines, on tv, about how thyroid affects a person. I was a screamer, terribly. Not proud of it certainly but do I deserve to be tormented about it? I didn’t get any help with it til I was bout 53. Doc in MT told me I had to get help/meds or I’d end up dying of a stroke as my Dad did
    I so wish I could start over as my kids Mother but we don’t get second chances being a Mom. It breaks my heart to think my kids hated me. They don’t hate my hubs and he’s step-father to 3 oldest.
    Sorry for unloading to you. Things seem to back up/bother me a lot more when kids are around, am reminded of it. Youngest daughter likes to tell me often she won’t let her girls be with me alone because of how I was and my oldest daughter has had nothing to do with me for years. I wonder sometimes if I’ll ever get to see her before I die. She lives in San Diego.
    Better go check my home made from scratch sloppy joe. It’s favorite of oldest son.
    Have wonderful weekend Cyndee. Thanks for putting up with me.

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