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My Last-Minute Easter Decorations

April 4, 2015

Last year we had just moved into our tiny rental and I didn’t even decorate for Easter. I also didn’t have room for hosting Easter, as is our tradition. When I sorted through things in our storage units for a yard sale this last summer, I purged a lot of decorations from all holidays. Our house is much bigger this year so now I am kinda regretting some of that purge. When I got out my Easter decorations the other day I only found one box. 🙁 Since most store-bought offerings are not my style I decided to make more decorations with things I already have.

I started out with a small branch from a tree hubby was pruning. Using an old flower pot for the base, and middle son bringing me some gravel, I “planted” my branch to “grow” my Easter tree.

A stash of peat pots were transformed into little Easter buckets. I sponge painted white on the outside. Craft wire was used for the handles. Small vintage pictures were decoupaged to the front of the buckets and the handles were spruced up with buttons and ribbon.

I added them to the tree, but it still needed a little something-something.

I had just finished making crocheted flower garlands for my Etsy shop and decided mini version of the flowers would be just the thing to bring out the “spring” in my tree.

I simply hot glued them to the branches.

I wrapped some fabric strips around a couple of garden tools and added them to the pot to complete the tree.

I needed something for my dining table. I cut bed springs down a bit and inserted little flower pots. In this picture they have the grass, but I am still going to add jelly beans and a peep.

I saved two spaghetti sauce cans a couple of weeks ago and after a little paint, some scraps of burlap, lace and a tie of jute, they were restyled into flower vases. I’ll fill them with cuttings from the beautiful abundance of color that has bloomed in my yard.

I still have a few other things I would like to make, but I wanted to get this posted before it got to late. I’m off to the grocery store and then more decorating. 😉


Have a great weekend and a wonderful Easter!

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  1. Love your little peat pots, they turned out really cute! Like the little pots in the bed springs. Those will be really cute with your jelly beans. Your can is pretty too, I save cans and jars to decorate, it’s fun! There’s so many things you can do with them.

  2. W0w Cyndee, your impromptu decorations are incredible. LOVE THEM, For just throwing things together with what you had around house, you did great job. I have 5 peat pots, think will make little Easter baskets for grand daughters. Giving each one carrot bag with jelly beans. Not much else, daughter said she got lots of chocolate for gjrls so figured we didn’t need to add to their cavities. Got youngest grand daughters b/d present at Charlotte Russe today. We hardly go into our mall so was so surprised to find new stores in end we don’t go to. Hope she likes her 15th. b/d present. Both girls are pretty easy as they know we’re not rich grandparents,
    Love your Easter tree, perfect for using things you had at home, which to me are best kind. Crocheted flowers are adorable, add so much to tree.
    I didn’t do much in way of Easter decorating, never got out box with all best bunnies, just used some of my wire bird cages, birds, a bead garland got at Michaels and few little bunny things from thrift stores. Hubs informed me I didn’t need to do anymore, so I didn’t. Took it easy, nobody else sees it but us anyway. Hung up Spring garland made last year. Most of what I got out is actually Spring stuff, not Easter. You sure did great job making up for last year. Hope you have wonderful and glorious Easter.

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