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Window Wall Art

March 9, 2015

Window Wall Art

I recently acquired some more windows and I just couldn’t wait to begin some transformations.

I had done this a few years ago and loved the way simple wallpaper border could make a plain window look like art.

Priming the entire window provides an important base for building the art on the window’s surface.

The next step is the color base, but before applying it I had to choose a wallpaper border. For this window I chose a fishing lure border with rustic colors. A tan base color was the perfect marriage.

I highlighted the frame with a red color that was also in the border. Over the top of the red I dry brushed the tan and over the window surface I dry brushed the red.

The wallpaper border was decoupaged along the bottom half of the window and I stenciled “LIVE LAUGH FISH” on the top half using the red paint.

When the painted stenciling was dry I applied decoupage medium over all of the window surface to seal the painting and paper.

I embellished the inside of the frame with rope and a chain attached to the top of the window completed the wall art.

Since I had everything out I also made this window. The border on this one is a picket fence. The sunflowers and the butterflies were cut from other wallpaper.

This is one of the windows I made a few years ago. I applied the words using a white paint pen.


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  1. How do you think all these wonderful crafts up? I’m so envious of your window supply. Have got to find someplace around this area that sells or gets rid of old wood windows. Doggone it. I love decorating them.
    Love the fishing one but picket fence/sun flowers is my very favorite. Where did you get your windows? Have a secret source? Where do you get your wall paper borders also? Everything is so darned expensive here, guess will have to go look for some. Call places that sell it for their outdated wall paper books.
    Is it pretty there finally? It’s so wonderful today, I hung out sheets and my jammies. Already dry and making bed. So love how sheets smell after line drying. Do you ever hang your laundry out?
    Hubs is In town getting check from loan so we can get roofing supplies needed. Going to put metal roof on and neighbor said he’d help hubs put it on. Frankly I don’t feel that hubs should be doing that kind of thing. His energy and strength isn’t what it used to be, me either. Hate getting old. IT worries me enuf when hubs is up on roof getting cooler ready for Spring and then in Fall to put it away for winter. Plus his left knee is quite unpredictable. Will see what happens.
    Hope you’re having a great Monday.

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