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Mini Crocheted Teddy Bear-The Tutorial

March 13, 2015

Mini Crochet Teddy Bear-Tutorial

A lot of you have messaged, commented and emailed me asking for the mini crocheted teddy bear tutorial.

Woo Hoo! It has been published. You can find it here.

If you do not want to make your own, I do have them for sale in my Etsy shop.


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  1. So blasted cute, I’d like to have one (at least) of everything. You are such a great crocheter besides all other adorable wonderful projects you make. Love ’em all gal. So nice of you to share how to make your little teddy bears. I love one I gave to grand daughter. That little chick is adorable too. I gave them choice of who got what.
    Poor kid she’s still having issues due to meds she was on.
    Just finished vacuuming mudroom and kitchen floors and mopping kitchen & around rug in mudroom. Not that it needed it or anything. Been busy week running here and there.
    Today hubs had what was left of his bottom teeth pulled and they dug out infection, had to sew up his gums. He’s not feeling too well, is kinda grumpy but I won’t hold that against him, compared to how many surgeries I’ve had in 46 yrs. and he’s nursed me, fed me, etc. can’t complain. Next week his top teeth will come out then on 4/23 his partial knee replacement. Men don’t do too well with stuff like that do they? Or Is your hubs different that way?
    Hope floor dries pretty soon, painting one of those little balsa wood trays, got 2 at Goodwill last week so am putting a hare print out on one I’m painting. Not sure what I’ll do with other one, slightly bigger.
    Made some Lipton extra noodle soup so it would be ready when hubs is hungry. Trying to keep ahead of what needs doing. Drove today and that’s first time in weeks and weeks, felt weird. Hope you have great weekend

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