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T-Shirt Refashion With Lace Hem

T-Shirt Refashion With Lace Hem We’ve all seen them…heck, we’ve all bought them…those t-shirts that are available in every color imaginable. They are a bit of a staple in my closet, as I am sure they are in other people’s closets too. They are great worn with sweaters, jackets and other layers when the weather […]

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Junk-to-Gem Chairs

Junk-to-Gem Chairs When Youngest Kid was home for Christmas break he helped a friend with moving. There were several things that were headed for the trash, but like his mother, he just couldn’t let good junk go. These treasures didn’t get a new life while he was home for his Christmas break, so I decided […]

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Window Wall Art

Window Wall Art I recently acquired some more windows and I just couldn’t wait to begin some transformations. I had done this a few years ago and loved the way simple wallpaper border could make a plain window look like art. Priming the entire window provides an important base for building the art on the […]

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More Crochet In Etsy Shop

Vintage-Inspired Mini Crocheted Bunnies Crocheted Sunflower Appliques I’ve been doing a lot of re-stocking in my Etsy shop lately. That has been one of my goals for 2015 and so far I have been able to keep up with it. These listings just happen to be crochet items. Crochet just seems to draw me in […]

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