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Red Checked Footstool Restyle

February 12, 2015

Red Checked Footstool

I picked up this little gem at an auction I recently attended. It really wasn’t much to look at, but I liked the legs and skirting.

The top opened and I am assuming there used to be a bottom to keep things in. The bottom was long gone.

The hinges on the top were another nightmare. They were bent and it looked like they had been shifted at one time, maybe because they pulled out. The shifting of the hinges was horrible and not one screw out of eight was the same.

I removed the top and sanded the wood base of the footstool.

A dry brushing of white paint improved the stool 100%.

I pulled out the quilt I bought at another recent auction and recovered the top.

I didn’t even consider putting a new bottom in the footstool and reattaching the hinges.

Instead, I firmly attached the top to the base. It now does not open, but it looks so much better.

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  1. Fantastic save Cyndee, love it. How great you had that quilt to use for top cover. It looks so cute and can be used for long time. Leave it to you to save a poor little foot stool with the great legs.
    . I never find things like that, swear this is barren area of good stuff. When I do find something it’s way above my budget. Budget what budget. lol.
    Makes me miss KY so much sometimes, always found awesome stuff when I’d go to vintage/used places.
    Don’t know why anything in West is so much more. I have to say tho did find lots of goodies in MT, even around Helena. When we’d go over to Missoula we had favorite 2nd. hand place we’d go, always had great stuff, not too far from University in Missoula.
    I loved it over there, Missoula is on other side of Continental divide from Helena and we lived 32 miles south of Helena. Beautiful drive but not much fun in winter. I made that drive many times in winter on my own, with car that had lousy brakes and tires and no insurance. Finally had hubs take bus back and forth, he worked out of Missoula.
    If you’ve ever read the “smoke Jumpers” by Nicholas Evans (I think), don’t know how many times I’ve read that book just to read about Missoula. Good book. Where hubs worked out of was just few miles up hwy. from Smoke jumpers yard in Missoula. I’ve read couple of books were about the smoke jumpers in Missoula.
    There was a really nice Ben Franklins in Missoula. We had one in Helena which was pretty handy as when we lived there from 92-99 there wasn’t that much in way of craft supplies stores. Not many stores of any kind really, especially after living in San Diego with mini malls in every mile or so at most. I’d still love to move back to MT, was like no other place we’ve lived. As far as I’m concerned Grand Junction is too much like San Diego with people’s attitudes. Glad we live west of G.J. out in country, away from snooty attitudes. It’s quite rural out here, name of our town is that, nothing else, no city govt. or anything out here, except the ranches, and CO river running 2 miles south of us off hwy. 70.
    Well now that I gave you little travelogue, time for me to go bore some body else, lol. Happy weekend

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