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Crocheted Carrot Bags

February 2, 2015

Crocheted Carrot Bags

Brrr!!! It’s cold again! sigh…

Oh well, it was expected. And since it was expected I was prepared with a snug and warm, sitting-on-the-couch, crochet project.

I’m channeling Spring, so I came up with carrots for Easter. Yep, those roots say “just picked”.

These carrots are bags! They’re perfect for favors, small gifts or candy. Don’t those jelly beans make you dream of Spring.

Each bag has a drawstring to pull the opening closed and finish off the carrot shape.

They are even cute while empty.


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  1. Oh Cyndee these are adorable!! Will you be listing a pattern for them in your Etsy Shop? Or Premade to sell? Either way I would Love to buy or make some for my Granddaughters~
    Huggs, Nancy

    1. Thank you, Nancy! I’m working on a pattern as we speak, but instead of Etsy I am going to be working on opening a page on here for selling my patterns. As of Jan 1st, there have been some tax issues with EU sales on digital patterns on Etsy. While I appreciate Etsy trying to figure it out for sellers, the only ones they seem to be able to help at the moment are EU sellers. Those outside of EU are still left hanging. Once I figure out what plug ins and such that I need on my blog, I will have my patterns available here.

  2. I’d love to have at least 3 or more, how much would 5 of them be? I’d love to have those for Easter, they are so adorable. You always make things like that look so easy. Makes me miss being able to crochet. Never could go by a pattern tho, all I could do was granny squares and stitches to make afghans. Talk about a great project for cold nasty weather, that’s a perfect one. Love those little carrots, roots and all. You are so darned talented. Let me know how much 5 would be with the s/H ok? Happy week and stay warm.
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