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Poker Table Redo

January 7, 2015

Poker Table Redo

A project from my youngest apple that didn’t fall far from the tree. This proud “tree” has now officially instilled the merits of turning junk into gems to all her “apples”.

While my youngest (Colby) was home from school for Christmas break he snagged this old poker table that a friend was going to toss out. He just knew it would be a treasure.

It turned out that taking the thing apart was a project all on its own.

The whole family got involved with the transformation, but Colby did the bulk of the work.

The legs were attached to the board and the rim slid over the edges of the board. Everything was attached with rivets.

There was no salvaging the board so a new piece of plywood was purchased and cut…
…and reattached to the legs.

New plastic feet were also added to the legs.

The new board was slightly thinner than the original because green felt was going to be used instead of paint.

The edge of the board and the felt had to slide into the rim of the table. We sprayed the board with adhesive and smoothed the felt over it.

Reattaching the rim was challenging. Even though we purchased a thinner board, the fit was still very tight. After struggling for a bit, we finally decided to widen the groove in the metal rim by bending it with pliers. Whew! Much better!


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  1. And now you have brand new poker table, is your family poker players or are you going to sell it? Looks like brand new table now, great job.
    How were your holidays? Hope they were great for your family. Happy New Year

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