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Molly the Mannequin Makeover

December 31, 2014

What inspires your project choices?

My recent move, the frigid change in the weather, an empty Etsy store and Molly the Mannequin hanging in my closet were my inspiration for this makeover. The recent move reminded me of all the goodies I have in my supplies, like my collection of beads and old jewelry. The frigid weather had me looking for nice cozy projects to do in the house. Restyling that old jewelry seemed perfect. Since I wanted to place the finished creations in my Etsy store, getting Molly the Mannequin more presentable for photos was a priority.

I’ve never been fond of Molly’s looks. She, uhm…, always seemed a bit nekked.

I decided decoupaging her with old book pages would give her a more modest appearance while creating an artful background for my style of crafting.

An old poetry book and Mod Podge were the basic supplies needed to transform Molly.

I molded the wet pages around Molly’s curves with my fingers, not minding the wrinkles at all. I just thought they added to the Old World-antique look.

I love the way she turned out. I have a hand and head that I plan on giving the same treatment.


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  1. This post reminded me of my late friend, Susie. She used a mannequin in her craft fair booth. It was a man’s torso, mid-thigh to neck. No head, no arms. We lovingly referred to him as “Bulge”. LOL. Thanks for the memory.

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