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Snowman Jean Pockets

November 20, 2014

Snowman Jean Pockets

I seem to be seeing snowmen everywhere.

Since I’m nearing the end of my craft show crafting for this year I’ve been digging through boxes and drawers for quick inspiration. With one more show, I really don’t need to make a lot of anything. Actually my husband would say I don’t need to make anything else because our inventory is always overflowing. 😉 That hasn’t stopped me from emptying a few drawers though…and that’s a good thing. Purging by way of projects makes me happy!

I found 13 jean pockets I had been holding on to. Normally I would wait until I had more to craft a project, but for now these were perfect.

Snowmen are so easy to paint.

I whipped these up while watching a movie. Hallmark has lots of Christmas movies.

The handles are strips of ripped fabric that I threaded through little holes. The holes were made using my Crop-A-Dile, but you could use scissors or a fat nail.

They looked a bit plain until I added a few bits of pine greenery and a candy cane.

I think they would be awesome as a small gift or favor bag.

They would also look cute hanging on a tree.


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  1. How sweet! Love these! I made some of these the last 2 years. With 3 boys I have plenty of worn out jeans for pockets. Not sure if I have a picture on my blog, but I see my version floating around on Pinterest. I so Love making snowmen, they are my favorite. I also painted snowmen on a child’s pair of Jean bibs. Happy painting! Sandi

  2. I have some jean pockets, did you put something on back of pocket? guess you’d have to to put greenery and candy cane in them. Love the bows and handles. I keep finding more and more projects I want to do. This would be fairly quick and I could just glue the back on pockets. Now if I can paint a snowman. You do such a great job. You are so talented. Can you loan me some. I’ll need it so I can sell some things so we have holiday money. Our anniversary is the 30th of Nov so hope we can afford to go out to Chili’s for dinner. That’s our big treat.
    I found some E6000 fabric glue at Walmart and it’s works great. Or I could use some mending tape, sewing machine seems to think it’s on vacation, great time.
    Better get back to work, see what I can find of my pockets, something to put on back. Happy creating and happy holidays.

    1. When I cut my pockets I cut through the seat of the jeans. That way the pocket stays a pocket. No need to add a back. It already has one. Good Luck!

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