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Tumbleweeds Last Run Car/Craft Show 2014

October 1, 2014

Last Run Car/Craft Show

Yes, I meant to have this posted BEFORE the show but…life happened. These are pics from the Tumbleweeds Last Run Car/Craft Show in Arkansas City, Kansas. The craft show was last Saturday.

Since that show I have been working on replacing items that were sold because we have another one this weekend. It’s Fall Into the Holidaze at the fairgrounds in Winfield, Kansas.

And because I have so much free time on my hands, we decided to add a new one for the weekend after that. That one is the Fall Festival in Rose Hill, Kansas.

The fall collage is my newest design. I’ll be posting pictures of my process in the next day or so. No…really…I mean it…I will…;)

The fall stuff is selling really well, but I am itching to get going on more Christmasy things.

Fall is my favorite time of year, but I am getting tired of pumpkins and the color orange.

I already have quite a Christmas inventory, but I always like to add new things, plus I had a few really great sellers last year that I need to replace.


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  1. Seeing all that makes me miss the wonderful craft shows we used to go to in Helena, MT this time of year, plus antique shows. Seemed like every weekend almost there was some kind of show. Like where you are in Kansas.
    Wow you keep so busy with all the shows. I’d sure have fun at those shows you’re in.
    One year I was at a show and this guy says to me, “you must be a crafter”, asked him why,responded ” was looking at how something was made not the price”.Guilty as charged. He wasn’t upset, just commented nicely. He said him and his wife do same thing to get ideas for new items. I always enjoyed those shows since all the vendors were so nice.
    Look forward to seeing what you’ll be making for Christmas. Glad you do so well. At least people there appreciate well made hand made goods. Happy days

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