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Spider Web Mug Rug Tutorial

October 15, 2014

Spider Web Mug Rug Tutorial

As the weather gets chillier, the cocoa starts coming out of the cupboard. In keeping with the season, make a spider web mug rug to add to the seasonal atmosphere. Make a set for your home, or give them as gifts to family and friends. From beginning to end, this mug rug took approximately 20 minutes to complete. If you are making several, cut out the pieces and construct in an assembly line fashion for faster completion. I used a solid black fabric for this project so that the lines of the spider web would pop. You could also use other fabric and thread colors for added whimsy.

Things You Will Need:

Card stock
Black fabric
Quilt batting
Straight pins
Tailor’s chalk
Sewing machine
Black thread
White thread

Create a Pattern

Step 1
Trace a 5-inch circle on card stock using a compass. Cut out the circle.

Stack the Layers

Step 2
Measure and cut two 6-inch squares from black fabric and one 6-inch square from quilt batting. Lay the quilt batting square on your work surface. Place the black fabric squares together with the right sides facing. Stack the fabric squares on the batting square. Pin through all layers to secure.

Make the Mug Rug

Step 3
Center the card stock circle on the top black square. Trace around the circle using tailor’s chalk.

Step 4
Sew the circle, stitching on the chalk line. Leave a 2 inch opening for turning. Cut out the circle approximately 1/8 inch outside the stitch line. At the opening of the circle cut at least a 1/2 inch from the chalk line. Turn the circle right side out and press. Hand sew the opening closed.

Sew the Web

Step 5
Mark a dot in the center of the coaster using tailor’s chalk.

Starting on one edge of the coaster, top stitch across the center to the opposite edge using the white thread. This is across the diameter of the circle. Continue to top stitch across the coaster until you have a total of eight equal pie sections.

Step 6
The lines from the center of the circle to the outer edge are the radius lines. Connect the radius lines across the pie sections. Start at the center of one radius line on a pie section. You do not need to measure this, eyeballing is sufficient. Stitch straight across the pie section to the next radius line. Continue stitching across the center of each pie section until you reach the beginning line once again. For the sake of clarity, I’ll call the lines just made “horizontal” lines.

Step 7
Repeat step 6 half way between the horizontal lines and the center of the circle. Repeat one last time between the first horizontal lines and the outer edge of the circle.

If you don’t have a compass, there are other options for making a circle pattern. I used my Cricut Expression to cut out my circle. Measuring objects around the house may also yield a circle shape of the right diameter.


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  1. So cute and useful plus pretty easy to make. Would make good gifts using any design you wanted to. Very versatile and inexpensive to make. Gotta like all that.
    When do you sleep? Seems like your mind is working and you’re making things all the time and every thing you make is so great.
    I’ve been out on back deck cleaning up “junk” that had accumulated since neither one of us wanted to deal with it sooner. Gets very hot on our back deck so doing anything out there is like frying your brain. Sorta cloudy today and cooler so thought I’d better tackle it before we start getting any serious Fall/winter weather then have to work in rain or mud, yuk.
    Had to clear out a box to put summer clothes and shoes in also. Still have few things to tackle in lower yard but supposed to be nice in low 70’s for rest of week, hopefully anyway. Hard to tell here, could change at any time this time of year. I’m meant to be going thru “stuff” in shed but so far haven’t gotten the urge, better get to it so we have room to put hubs lawn tractor in shed this winter and the patio tables and chairs.
    Better get myself back to work, have to put some stuff in thrift store piles. Have great day. Are you resting up from going to 3 craft shows in a row? That’s a lot of work.
    IF you decide to reply please do so to my email address.

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