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Foam Cone Candy Corn-Tutorial

October 16, 2014

Foam Cone Candy Corn

When the kids go back to school, I start getting serious about crafting for fall and winter holidays. More specifically, I begin stocking up on quick projects to sell at local craft sales. This whimsical candy corn couldn’t be more simple.

Made with a foam cone as the base, it is quickly wrapped with ripped strips of fabric. Make several candy corns in a variety of sizes and display them in a basket, or as a centerpiece on a dining table.

Things You Will Need:

White cotton fabric
Foam cone
Craft glue
Yellow cotton fabric
Marking pen
Orange cotton fabric

Rip 1-inch-wide strips of white cotton fabric. The strips can be any length, making this a great project for using up scraps. The amount of strips needed will depend on the size of the cone you are using. If you are being frugal, start with a few and rip more as needed.

Apply craft glue to the top point of your cone and around the first inch below the top. Fold one end of a strip over the top, completely covering the tip. Turn the strip and wrap around the cone just below the top. This start will hide the tip and secure the end of the strip.

Add more glue to the sides of the cone. Continue to wrap strips, overlapping the side edges of the strips after each wrap around the cone. You can completely cover the sides of the cone with glue at this time, but to avoid a mess, I apply glue to the next couple of inches below the top, continue to wrap the strips and add more glue as needed.

As you finish off one strip, continue to add more until the whole cone has been wrapped with white fabric. Do not cover the bottom of the cone.

Lay yellow cotton fabric with the wrong side facing up on your work surface. Stand the cone on the fabric. Using a marking pen, trace around the bottom of the cone, 1 inch from the cone’s edge. Cut out the circle of yellow fabric.

Apply craft glue to the flat bottom of the cone. Place the fabric circle on the bottom with the right side of the fabric facing out. Center the circle with an even amount extending past the edges of the cone’s bottom. Cut the extended fabric in slits spaced 1/4 inch apart. Apply glue to the back of each slit and fold them over the edge of the cone.

Rip 1-inch-wide strips of the yellow cotton fabric. Starting on the sides of the bottom edge, apply glue and wrap the strip around the cone. Continue wrapping up the cone in the same way as the white strips were attached. Stop when the bottom third of the cone has been wrapped in yellow.

Rip 1-inch-wide strips of orange fabric. Wrap and glue them over the middle third of the cone. Note: The top white third does not need to be wrapped again.

To embellish, wrap raffia, jute or a fabric strip around the center of the candy corn and tie into a bow. Glue two or three buttons to the cone as desired.


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  1. Do you make these things up as you go along or do you have a book filled with your ideas? I am forever amazed at your repetoire of projects. Can hardly wait for Christmas ideas. Do I need to make more things but what would I do with myself all Christmas season if I wasn’t making things? Or the Fall season either, have so much but keep on making, it’s like it’s without having to think about what I’m doing, just happier keeping busy and making, making, making. lol You too or do you have more shows lined up? Do they charge a lot to be in craft shows there? They do here. Much more than I can feel it’s worth. Guess that’s why I should have an Etsy store. Have to learn how to put photos online out of camera. duh. Any suggestions? Happy crafting. So cute, who would’a thunk of making candy corn cones, great idea wrapping strips around it. How you did the bottom of cone was perfect, keeps it neater. Such a smart gal.
    If you decide to reply please do so to my email address.

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