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Record Album Roses

July 24, 2014

Record Roses

Have you ever wondered what you can do with those old vinyl albums? Even if you are a collector, I am sure you have a few scratched or warped ones that will never sound the same as they did when they were new. Then again, thrift stores and yard sales are practically giving them away, so you don’t even have to disturb your own rockin’ stash for a fun crafting experience.

Check out one of my newest tutorials on FaveCrafts


You may remember my record album coaster post from a few months ago. You can find it here.

That project only used the inner label portion of the albums, but don’t toss out the rest.

The roses use the playable portion of the album. Waste not, want not. 😉 Two projects with one album. Win, win!

You can find the record rose tutorial here.


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  1. Recyclers/crafters never cease to amaze me with all incredible ideas to recycle pretty much everything. Great idea and great flowers from something nobody seems to want anymore. There is a store in Grand Junction that sells the 78’s and 45’s. I left a bunch of awesome records in shed in MT when we left Lots from 60’s, Beach Boys, all those groups. Happy summer days

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