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Country Rag Boa Wreath-Tutorial

June 12, 2014

Country Rag Boa Wreath

You may have seen this wreath in my dining room post. It was the perfect addition to the screen door.

Who says wreaths have to be round? This picture frame inspired another outside-the-box project.

Bits of cutter quilt scraps left over from previous projects were the perfect medium to create a rag boa to wrap around the frame, but you could use any fabric scrap of your choosing.

The tutorial for my Country Rag Boa Wreath can be found HERE.


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  1. Good for you, making a wreath the way you want it to be. I love how scrappy and shabby it looks.
    I made a wreath one time with the top wood piece off a basket. Was going to throw it away and thought, wait a minute, good wreath base. Use part of the basket for something else when the idea comes along. I used faux boxwood branches on my rectangular wreath. I like different things, not what’s expected.
    Love all the rag strips you used. I have lots of scraps so think I might be wrapping them around a picture frame. Great idea.
    I have an empty frame hanging on bedroom wall deciding what I want to hang in it. Hubs asked if I was just going to leave it empty, maybe, hang some other empty frames. He told me I was getting weird since I started reading blogs. lol I love idea of hanging empty frames painted apple green on wall.
    We have an old waterfall chif-a-robe I’d like to paint apple green, think it would be a ray of sunshine in our room. When we first got the chif-a-robe in 1999 I painted it white and painted the little wood parts in purple and green but think the apple green would be so pretty in our room that tends to be a bit dark.
    Just seeing your wreath has so inspired me to do some projects I’ve been putting off like our chif-a-robe, just have to figure out what I’ll do with clothes in it while I paint it. The sides have split so that needs to be repaired anyway. Enjoy your blog very much, always gets me going on something.
    Enjoy your summer

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