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Photo Display Frames

April 19, 2014

More projects from the storage unit.


The large frame needed a little bit of cleaning to remove the remnants of a fake wood grain paper. Other than that, it was good to go.


The two smaller frames were actually small cupboard doors. I removed the hinges and handles.

Both seemed a bit plain, so I attached some brass appliques using E6000.

Each frame was dry brushed with white paint.

I cut some rusty chicken wire slightly larger than the opening and stapled it to the back of the smaller frames.

On the larger frame I turned the frame sideways and cut two lengths of baling wire a bit longer than the width of the opening. I equally spaced the wire in the opening and stapled the ends to the back of the frame. Hmm…I guess I didn’t grab a photo of attaching the baling wire to the back, but I bet you can use your imagination.

I used weathered clothespins to attach photos to the wire.


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  1. Every time I get on your blog to read a post I am so inspired I have to go dig out the kind of element you used (if available) to try to emulate your project. Bet I’d love digging in your storage places. My favorite frames were the before cupboard doors. Wish I could find some like that, the arch gives them a nice accent. I have a few frames I’ve been wanting to use, seen several projects using them so think it’s time I got off my behind to go dig and get something done. Happy Easter

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