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Junk Finds for the Patio

April 21, 2014

Baker’s rack turned into a potting bench.

Facelift on an old outdated coffee table.

A few weeks ago I picked up this old baker’s rack at a yard sale for $4. It was greasy and dirty, but those were minor problems. For the price, I just couldn’t pass it up. I decided to use it as a potting bench/storage rack for my patio.

It also had a few bent rails. I removed the rails and was pleased to see they caused no stability issues.

The green and gold finish wasn’t what I wanted at all, so I got out the paint and dry brushed white over the entire rack. I hated it. You could still see the green and the horrible gold shadowing threw. Yuck! I got a tad bit more aggressive. I continued to dry brush and pounce the paint until I was happy with the coverage. I think it was a total of about four coats. I could have painted with strokes of the brush, but I kinda liked the texture of the dry brushing and pouncing.

Since I plan on using it to store pots and such on the patio, I decided it needed shelves that were a bit more solid. I cut wood from the scrap pile and simply placed them on the shelf.

This old coffee table was in the storage unit. I thought it would also be perfect for my patio.

I wanted to cover it like this scrap wood table.

The lip on the top of the table had me stumped. The wood would sit on top of the lip, leaving too big of a gap between the surface and the boards. There wasn’t anything to connect the boards to.
Light bulb moment! I cut and attached braces (similar to studs in a wall).

With something to now connect to, the scrap boards were easily attached to the top. That was it for the construction.

I dry brushed the entire table and I was done.

I have a few more things to complete on my new outdoor space, but I will be sharing the results soon.


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  1. Great redo on that coffee table, you have such wonderful inventive ideas. And when I see your great ideas I tend to “borrow” some of them.
    Today I went out to suburban (doesn’t run so it’s used for my stuff) to get summer sheets out and look for summer curtains. I’ll be making new summer curtains but for now wanted something instant to put up in bedroom.
    Making curtains with tablecloths for our room which I got on clearance at Target after holidays. I seem to be changing my color palette from tans to grays.
    I got some new panels at TJMaxx in light gray with a white brocade design that look so light and pretty in our l/r. Love them, it’s way different than what I’d usually do which is making my own but for price of the panels it was about same as buying fabric. Wanted something different for living room. Maybe it’ll get me busy painting in there, I’ve only waited almost 8 yrs.
    I love everything you make and you inspire me constantly. Have fun enjoying your “new” patio furniture.

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