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Fringe-Tied Blanket Kits for Kids

January 2, 2014

Abigale’s Fringe-Tied Blanket

I have always loved doing craft projects with kids, but they are usually cut, glue, paint, clay or some variation of all of that.

I was pleasantly surprised on Christmas day when my goddaughter brought over a kit she had received from her grandmother. It was a kit to make a fleece fabric, fringe-tied blanket. Yes, I have made them before, but it never occurred to me to have a child do it.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of the box, so I don’t know who packages them. I did notice it said it was for “ages 5 and up”. Well…I’m not so sure a 5 year old could do all of the steps without heavy adult supervision, but my 10 year old goddaughter did a great job.

I pretty much gave her brief instructions as she was starting each step, but that was it. She did it all.

She said it took her 45 minutes to complete, as she looked at the clock when she started. Uhm, I hope she doesn’t get mad at me, but I am pretty sure the clock did one more full rotation. I think 1 hour, 45 minutes seems more realistic. Regardless of time, she did it all in one sitting.

The proud crafter with her masterpiece.

Her brother and sister getting into the act.

And then my guys adding to the crowd.

Happy New Year!


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  1. That’s a great project for a child old enuf to understand instructions and know how to put correct pieces together. Good for older people also that have problems with hand/eye coordination. Great gift for child to do on her/his own to either give away or for themselves. Happy new year

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