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Crochet Pears

January 8, 2014

Crochet Pears

New listing in my Etsy shop. This listing is a crochet pattern.

I’m finally reopening my Etsy shop. It has had to go on the back burner for the last couple of months. Boo Hoo! I hated that it was empty.

Fixing up and selling a house is exhausting!

My time has been limited on making several of one item for Etsy, packaging and getting them to the post office, but I have had some down time in the evening when I could experiment with new crochet designs. I decided to write the patterns up and list them in my shop.

I’ve sold patterns through Etsy before, but Etsy has this cool new way of doing it. Customers used to purchase the pattern, an email was sent to the shop owner informing them of the sale, then the shop owner would email the pattern to the customer. Now Etsy has instant digital downloads. As soon as the customer purchases the pattern, they can download the pattern. The shop owner is still informed, but the customer doesn’t have to wait for the shop owner to notice a sale was made. Way cool for someone who has too many things going at one time!


I also relisted my Granny Infinity Scarf Pattern, and more patterns will be showing up in the next day or two. I can’t wait to show off my Country-Western Bowl Fillers, and the cold weather has inspired a few warm accessories.


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  1. congratulations on getting it going again, but the reeely cool part is for the customer not having to wait to download!

  2. So pretty all of it, makes me wish I could still crochet, I can still feel the yarn in my hands. Never did master crocheting by a pattern however. Too much arthritis in fingers and now they’re twisting on me, stupid digits, didn’t they know I still have lots I need them for. Guess I’ll have to be content with using the rake loom, those nice plastic looms that can be had at Walmart, Michaels and wherever.
    I especially love the pears and infinity scarf. I’ll make one on my loom I guess Bought some nice yarn so it’s just having time to get out loom and work on one.
    Happy days. It must be hard to be packing up your house and still carrying on a business/blog, take a minute to take a breath, take care of yourself.

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